Residential Painting

The Top Benefits of Hiring A Professional For All Your Residential Painting Projects

Painting your home on your own may seem easy enough; however, there are several reasons why it may be wiser to hire an expert instead. Not only can taking on this task be time-consuming and laborious, but it can also result in less than ideal results. Hiring a professional painter will save you plenty of time and leave most of the work to someone who knows how to do it correctly and neatly.

Whether you’re having your house painted from top to bottom or just need some touch-ups, the team of fully insured and licensed professionals at Clear Victory Painting is committed to helping you get outstanding results in record time. If you’re looking for paint jobs that are done right the first time and look great for years to come, contact us today!

Interior Painting

We know how important it is for your home to look great; that’s why we take care of everything from protecting your furniture and doing the heavy lifting to ensuring your property is well taken care of throughout the painting process. With years of experience in the industry, Clear Victory
Painting provides competitive rates for all your residential painting projects in and around Westchester, NY and Fairfield, CT. Our painters are all certified professionals who will make sure that your interior space looks immaculate.

Exterior Painting

Clear Victory Painting boasts years of experience painting exterior components of homes, such as siding, shutters, doors, decks and trim. What’s more, we take pride in assisting homeowners in choosing the right color scheme to best suit their tastes. When you hire us for your next
painting project, you can rest assured knowing that we’ll treat your property with great care while delivering exceptional results on time and within budget!

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Let our certified, insured, and professional team bring those kitchen cabinets back to life! We are the name to know and trust! The experienced painters at Clear Victory Painting have the knowledge and skill to properly prep your cabinets, so they don’t get damaged during the project, and will also know which types of paints are best for each surface.

Power Washing

Professional power washing services are an excellent way to give your house a makeover and make it look sparkling new without breaking the bank. Our crew always starts the process by assessing the materials in need of pressure washing and determining the correct cleaning supplies along with the proper pressure that will best remove dirt, mold and rust without damaging the original surface.



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